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Company of Heroes 3: Pre-Alpha Impressions

I’ve played the Company of Heroes 3 multiplayer pre-Alpha extensively over the last week. It has some incredible foundations, but its current state has major issues. The design is superb; the two factions and battlegroups (commanders) are designed more elegantly than all the other existing factions throughout the franchise, boasting a much richer strategic diversity. … More

Is Balance Overrated?

Is balance in RTS games overrated? This question can very much devolve into semantics, as it’s not exactly clear what ‘balance’ means. Balance, on the one hand, is crucial to ensure a fair player experience, yet it can also be stifling and suck the life out of a game by turning it into a neatly … More

What Makes RTS Games Fun: Anti-Snowball Design in RTS

Uncontrollable snowballing in RTS games is not fun. Nobody enjoys being set back by a small margin and being destined to gradually lose. The mechanics of RTS games, such as resource acquisition and army amassing, naturally lead to snowballing. However, successful RTS franchises tend to put checks on the amount players can snowball. Instead, excessive … More